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EXPLORE HISTORY | 04/26/2019

"Yamatugar (大和井)" Government-designated digs at ruinsBeautiful cave wells that still have 300 years of masonry technology

A stone sign was quietly looming along a roadway near Hirara city area. "Yamatugar(大和川 )" is one of the historical places of Miyako.
It is said to have been built around 1720, and it is a well of stone remains, and is designated as an important cultural property of Japan.

The entrance is paved and easy to get off. From the side of the modern asphalt road, it feels like I traveled in the past times.

There was a cave on your left as soon as you entered. It's dark and a bit scary, but let's go down the stone steps.

I got to the bottom immediately after getting down, and there was a small water intake about 50 cm deep. The water is clear. When I scoop on my hand, the water temperature is rather cool. A bit in the mouth … like fresh water.
Drops continued to spill from everywhere on the head of the rock surface, constantly shaking the water's surface.

1945 Yomitan Village From Okinawa Prefectural Archives

This is a picture that shows the state of water gathering in old Okinawa.

A lot of people were going back and forth with water here. Imagine it was a lot of hard work.

Return to the ground, in the central square. There is a wonderful stone wall 5 to 6 meters high on the wall. It is piled up in a fairly large rock, and it is a large one with a diameter of more than 1 meter. It is wonder how did people get big rocks bring here and how they stacked up them when there were no cars or heavy equipment.

When I went to the far end, there was a Yamatugar.

It is a perfection that can not be compared with the cave mentioned earlier.
Say hello to the small stone monument at the entrance and slowly walk down the steps towards a huge, stone space.

Central intake. The water surface was covered with fallen leaves, but the water quality was clear and small fish like medaka were swimming. It is said that it was built as a water fountain for officials who had been dispatched from the administration of the Ryukyu Kingdom.
It is said that the gate where the security guard for water protection stands was established and the general public was prohibited from entering because the mark of the gate bar was found. (It seems that the commoners used Buturagar, the cave well introduced earlier.)

The surroundings are surrounded by arc-painted walls about 4 meters high. Stones are paved so that there is no gap, and there is a strange sense of security inside.
If you look at the top, you can see that the size of the stone is calculated to be smaller and piled up.

An overview taken from the top. The height from the bottom is likely to be 6 meters or more.
It is a complex and mysterious structure that makes good use of the terrain.

place Yamatugar, Buturagar
address Hirara Nishinaka Sone, Miyakojima City MAP
parking space none
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