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Simmered pork cartilage with Miyako-Soba is good served by the restaurant "NMMAYAH"

Hello everybody, this is Masa. I am driving a prefectural road No. 201 in the direction of Ingya Marine Garden to have a lunch at the Miyako Soba restaurant "NMMAYAH" in Tomori Gusukube area.

There was. A streamer is standing. It is a green building on the left. It was immediately over the traffic light at the Sunagawa intersection. It takes about 20 minutes from Hirara downtown by car.

There was a space for about 10 cars in the parking lot. And it was 1:30 pm, it was vacant. "んまや〜" means the grandma's house, in miyakojima dialect.

Take off your shoes at the entrance and go up. 

You can get buy a ticket from this machine easily and give it to the waitress.

Drinks are only barley tea and self-service. 

I ordered a set meal 850 yen, Simmered pork cartilage with Miyako-Soba, Jyushii (Okinawan seasoned rice), Deep fried tempura, and Jimami Dofu (Tofu Made with Peanuts).

Simmered pork cartilage with Miyako-Soba.

This seasoning KUSU is for soba. Made of pickled local peppers. I like this so much and you can add this as you like, but you should be careful because it's very hot.

Jyushii (Okinawan seasoned rice)

Jimami Dofu (Tofu Made with Peanuts) with sweet soy sauce.


Restaurant NMMAYAH
address Gusukube Tomori 130-3, Okinawa Prefecture MAP
Open Hours 11:00am to 3:00pm (Wednesday are closed)
parking space for about 10 cars
information about 10 tables